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Natural Healing

Shiatsu is an effective, subtle and powerful bodywork, a strong foundation for the healing work that I do.


I work with Shiatsu with the intention to support your health and connection with yourself at every level: body, heart, mind and spirit. 

Shiatsu is a Japanese healing modality rooted in Chinese Medicine.  The theory behind Shiatsu is very similar to acupuncture, but with a focus on the healing power of touch.  

Shiatsu works with the body’s energy channels (meridians) and acupressure points in order to balance the major systems of the body.  Shiatsu is complementary to Western medicine and holistic in approach.

Sessions take place fully clothed on a futon on the floor and will include a conversation between us to inquire into where it is that you are most needing support, deep and sensitive releasing bodywork and energy work.  

Receiving Shiatsu is an opportunity for you to connect with yourself -  body, heart and mind - and receive the holding, rejuvenation and release you need.

*OFFER* Book 6 sessions for the price of 5.

A series of sessions allows for the work to go deeper. 

Birth Doula Support

The Dakini Doulas

Empowering Birth

I work with my colleague Cassandra Rosa and together we are the Dakini Doulas: offering full spectrum, shared-care doula services and support.  

We have a huge amount of experience, skill and heart and are devoted to helping a woman (and her partner / family) to have a truly beautiful and empowered experience of pregnancy, birthing and the post-partum time.

We are passionate about supporting mothers in exactly the way they need so that birthing can be experienced as a truly supported, sacred and profound rite of passage. 

We endeavour to bring love, faith, trust, empathic listening and genuine woman-centred support to your birth experience.

A typical Dakini Doulas doula bundle includes:

  • An initial meeting to decide whether it feels good to work together

  • 4 tailored antenatal meetings

  • Luxurious oxytocin pregnancy pamper session

  • On call for 2 weeks prior to your estimated due date and as long as it takes after that

  • Birth Attendance
  • Use of our birth pool

  • Breastfeeding guidance

  • 1 or 2 post-natal appointments

  • A mother blessing if you would like this

  • Herbal and nutritional support

  • Belly binding guidance for post-partum

  • Strong Advocacy

  • Empowering information, guidance and resources

  • Practical, physical, emotional and spiritual support through every stage of pregnancy and birthing your child into the world

Extra Shiatsu sessions / Massage can be an excellent addition to your Doula support.

We also offer a wonderful post-partum healing ritual called Cerrada, a Mexican tradition of "closing" a woman after she has done the massive work of opening to give birth.

Intuitive Spiritual Healing

Brand New Ancient

In my work as a bodyworker and birth doula, I offer myself in service to the forces of unconditional, compassionate love, the awakened state of our own true hearts.  It is my heartfelt intention to support you on your journey of awakening.


I am inspired and guided by my studies in Tibetan Buddhism, Zen Shiatsu, Taoism, Intuitive Herbalism, the sacred ways of Traditional Healing, and the initiatic wisdom teachings of birth.

I believe that to be truly healed is to be without any blame, hurt or illusion.  This is our awakened state.  At any moment we can awaken our true heart of compassion and insight, which is a state of grace.  It is a great mystery that illness, suffering and struggle can be our greatest teachers and the medicine we need to help us to awaken.   We all need a lot of help along the way, I know this to be true for myself first and foremost. 

I will endeavor to create a sacred space of love, support and blessing.  I work with the beautiful heart energy of prayer and use song, drumming, plant spirit medicine, breathwork and shamanic practices to aid you on your journey of self-discovery.

It is my intention to hold space for you in such a way that you may experience the truth of yourself: your true magnificence, humanity, beauty, depth, wisdom, love and radiance.

What the people are saying


'Feeling renewed, and very grateful'

- Leanna, Bristol

'It was so great having you at my labour.  Your presence, touch and encouragement all really helped. I had a good time!'

- Charlotte, Bristol (first time mum who gave birth at home)

'The sessions have allowed me to integrate aspects of my being that were hidden from me. It's been a real 'breaking through' of my true nature...

Thank you for reminding me that I am free... I've experienced a greater sense of fearlessness in my relationships, ideas of who I am and communications with others.'

-Michelle, Bristol

'I leave each shiatsu session feeling deeply relaxed, softened and affirmed.'

-Jvalamalini, Bristol

'You give shiatsu with such love.'

-Colin, Bristol

'I was in a period of horrible depression and anxiety with panic attacks when I had my sessions. You not only deeply released the tensions in my body but also gave me great waves of emotional release, it was wonderful.'

-Tam, Devon

'I'm feeling really relaxed and in time with myself ~ thank you so much for your gift...You create a space for me to unfold completely... to be nourished, fed and cared for.'

-Louisa, Bristol

Carl Jung

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."


For more information about receiving Shiatsu, Healing or Doula Support, please send me a message here.

I do my healing work from my home practice in Easton, Bristol, UK.

The Dakini Doulas can support mothers-to-be in Bristol and the South West, and sometimes further afield, as well as online.


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