Sacred Birth

Empowering Your Birth Experience


Please get in touch if you feel drawn to receiving the support of a doula for your pregnancy and birth.

I am a supporter of active, choiceful birth, and thankful for medical intervention only when it is genuinely necessary .  

I wish to see an end the hyper-medicalization of birth—which has lead to a quarter of hospital births in the UK (a third in America) to be cesarean sections.  

I wish to renew confidence in a woman's innate and natural ability to birth.

The way in which women become mothers is a women's rights issue, and a human right's issue.  The way women are supported when they give birth is a measure of the wellness of society at large.  

I believe in restoring sacredness, dignity, respect, faith and love to the experiences of pregnancy, giving birth and becoming mothers and fathers.

We must trust women, value birth and create a gentle, kind and loving environment into which brand new people can arrive into this world.

I truly believe that in healing birth we can heal our communities and heal the earth. This is one of the most sacred and profound tasks of our time.  Properly valuing the sacred work of women is inseparable from honouring and protecting the gifts of life itself. 

As your doula I will support you and stand by you every step of the way in choosing what is right for you and your family, whatever that may be.  My role is to keep faith in your capacity to make your own decisions and in your innate ability to grow a baby and to give birth.


Doula bundle:      

It is my intention to provide you with devoted, loving support as you prepare for birth, experience the innate power of giving birth, and later reflect on the experience of birth.  


Included in your doula support will be the following:

  • At least 4 meetings before the birth, at your home or a place that suits you.  We can get to know each other so that we can build the trust between us and I can be sensitively attuned to your wishes and needs during the birth.  

  • 2 Pregnancy Shiatsu sessions if desired.

  • Active listening – helping support you to feel connected to yourself and open to your experience every step of the way. 

  • Protecting and supporting your emotional wellbeing.

  • Support writing a birth plan.

  • Birth art therapy – to support your process of self-discovery, opening, insight, healing and release.

  • Basic herbal support – teas and essential oils that can be helpful.

  • Email and phone support.

  • Help arranging a mother blessing / end of pregnancy celebration.

  • Birth attendance.

  • On call 14 days before and however many days it takes after your due date.

  • During the birth I will do everything I can to help create and protect your birthing space - so that you can feel empowered, emotionally safe and supported in every way that you need.

  • I will do everything I can to support and protect your wishes.

  • During the birth I can offer shiatsu / massage support.  Breathing support.  Continuous emotional support.  Physical support – e.g. beneficial positions.  Partner support.  Encouragement.  Faith.  Advocacy of your birth plan.

  • Help looking after / including other children during the birth.

  • At least 1 post-natal meeting so that you can debrief the birth experience and receive support with breastfeeding and healing if necessary.    

The investment is £750 – with an option to pay in installments.   A deposit (retainer fee) of £400 is required on our agreement to work with each other.  

Extra shiatsu treatments can be included at an additional £40 per session. 

A Cerrada "Closing the Bones" Ceremony, a Mexican tradition of honouring your birthing experience and transformation into motherhood.  It is a very beautiful tradition that works to support you at a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  It costs £160.  I can explain the ceremony to you in more detail if this interests you. 

Please get in touch with me if finances are an issue and we can work something out. 

With love,


"Deepest heartfelt gratitude to you for your great presence, sensitivity and love for our family.  You've been our 'spiritual midwife' and a true friend."



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