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Shiatsu works with the movement of Qi / Chi (energy) in the body, using a combination of pressure, stretching, massage, acupressure and energy work along the energy channels of the body.

It's more than just a set of bodywork techniques;  it's a whole way of understanding and supporting the physical, emotional and spiritual facets of our being. 

I work with Shiatsu intuitively and holistically, tending to your whole being through bringing awareness to where your energy is flowing, where it's stuck and where it's depleted.  

Importantly, we look at your relationship to your symptoms / issue / situation, beginning with self-inquiry and examination of thoughts and feelings, really listening to what's there, and discovering the loving presence that can hold all of your experience no matter what. 

It is my experience, both as receiver and practitioner, that Shiatsu can deeply tend to and relieve tensions, pain, trauma, exhaustion, & weakened systems in the body, inviting us into an experience of release, restoration, peace and freedom. 

After the initial inquiry / conversation to discover what's going on for you and what you really need to receive, you lie on the futon and receive the shiatsu bodywork.  

Sessions take place fully clothed. Please wear comfortable clothes and eat lightly at least one hour before the session.

A series of sessions will create a strong container for your process and allow for the work to go deeper.


60 min: 45

90 min: 60

Concessions always an option

*OFFER* 6 sessions for the price of 5.  



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